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Mita Chi Sono Shamani Art

Words and images

A multifaceted artist in continuous experimentation and research, Riotto Mita is establishing herself as a writer, and is also fitting perfectly into the artistic stage.

A Little About Me

Mita Riotto was born in the province of Pordenone, Italy, in 1975, and grew up surrounded by the greenery of a small wooded oasis of rare beauty that nourishes her sensitive soul and her artistic vein day after day. Unknowingly, the daily contact with the earth, and the continuous exercise of her artistic passions, will be decisive in 2010, because they will be elevated into  powerful means to face and process the pain of the sudden death of her husband.


Writing, painting, creating, walking in her woods, Mita Riotto manages to free her mind and heart from stagnant knots, manages to gives color to the grayest moments, and manages to find contact with other dimensions in which she finds inner peace and serenity.
She attended between 2017 and 2018 A.Mi. University (Milan) and undertakes a course of study and in-depth study of the holistic disciplines.

My Selected Works

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Black Inks Art Collections
Electric Art Collection
It’s Christmas Art Time
Shaman Art Collection
Submerged Worlds

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